TCP/IP Model Cheat Sheet

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TCP/IP Model Cheatsheet – Best of CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Huawei HCNA/E, Juniper JNCIA/P, Nokia NRS1/2,….

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Waqas Karim is a seasoned Network Expert … Geek. He is the founder of ATech. ATech was started for learning & sharing. Over time the platform has grown to include other resources which continue to attract fellow networkers. Today it sees upward trend of a hundred thousand visitors per month, scattered all over the globe. His specialty is networking, but his interest & expertise spans from traditional IT to Network Security including Programming, Virtualization, Service Provider & so on... no matter the badge on the box. He is CCIE Certified (CCIE#56732) in addition to below badges: Telecom Engineer (BE) + CCIE-RS (CCIE#56732) + Huawei Certified (HW#706632) + MBA Microsoft Certified MCITP, MCSE#109*26, CCNP-Sec, CCNP-SP, CCNA-DC, CompTIA Security+, Nokia NRS-I, JNCIA, ITIL Certified (ITIL#*6373), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).

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mark jesusen

Which protocols are uses both TCP and UDP?

zack boom

Searching for study material for my ccna exam.i got that cheat sheet stuff very beneficial for students .keep it up bro

risoon vemon

Which TCP/IP protocols are used at the Application layer of the OSI model

leonal reek

Which one layer 4 protocol is used for a Telnet connection when we are building connection

jacky brande

I have question in my mind.Please answer. If we use either Telnet or FTP, which one is the highest layer you are using to transmit data?

nosakia keen

which class of IP address gives maximum of only 254 host addresses per ID?

willson jaco

hello! Which one layer of the DoD model is equal to the Network layer of the OSI?

jack nobus

Sir, which layer in the TCP IP stack is similar to the Layer4 of the OSI model? kindly explain.

ken jonny

What a fabulous explanation .This is such a great presentation


Studying for my CCNA internal exam and this cheat-sheet is helpful

Emma Olivia

sir, please upload another cheatsheet on osi model

John Lee

What is the RFC for tcp/ip model?