OSPF Online Quiz


Which OSPF Router maintains separate link state databases for each area and also performs the summarization for connected areas in the network:



Which Router connects Area0 to a non-backbone area?



The high memory needed to maintain tables is one of the disadvantages of link-state protocols:



Consider the Scenario – An OSPF Router in the ATECH topology receives a new LSA. It checks its sequence no. This sequence no. matches the sequence no. of the LSA that the receiving router already has. What does the receiving Router do with the LSA?



At which interval does OSPF refresh its LSAs in Cisco Routers?



When an LSA is received by an OSPF Router, where is it installed first?



Which criteria does OSPF use to find the best path?



An ABR (Area Border Router) maintains:



Which of below is the current version of OSPF for IPv4?



Which Logical Port or Protocol is used by OSPF?


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