Principles of Bit Errors – I

Errors occurring to data during the transmission process are called Bit Errors (BER). It is a key parameter that is used in assessing systems that transmit digital data from one location to another. Specifically, it is the error of a single number between receiving and sending data signals. BER is critical for radio data links, Optical data […]

BGP Weight

BGP Weight is the first BGP attribute if we dive deep into BGP’s algorithm of best path selection followed by Local_Preference & aggregate (detailed in my first post in BGP section). Weight is vendor specific (Cisco proprietary) so it is found only on Cisco routers. Weight is always local on a router and it is […]

Wireshark Operators

Wireshark is the most useful & popular tool for packet Level deep Network Analysis & Troubleshooting. Most importantly, it is open source. It is like a measuring meter or device to find and examine what is going on inside a network cable or port just like a multimeter is used by an electrician to examine […]