How to Shutdown, restart, log off and set timer on your PC using CMD

In this article we are going to discuss some commands which are used to shutdown, restart, log off and set timer for shutdown.       First of all type CMD in the search menu of your PC:       CMD will open :       1. How to shutdown your PC (using […]

How to Install Windows 7 on PC

In this tutorial we will learn that How to Install Windows 7 on a PC. Before starting any OS installation, we need to prepare for installation process. So let’s take a look what are the requirements for Windows 7 installation. It will help us to make Windows 7 installation more efficient and we will be […]

How to stop Windows 10 from Auto Updating

Windows 10 has a feature of automatic updates. Generally, there is a rule to operate Microsoft to have an updated system. People are terrible at updating their operating systems. That’s probably the main reason Microsoft introduced Windows 10 with automatic updating system. This feature is pretty convenient but many users want their updates on specific […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an approach to offer IT Services to customers remotely is called Cloud Computing. It is the practice of using IT & Network which are physically hosted in a remote location (mostly on the Internet) to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. It is the […]

IP Address & its Types

“A unique identity number which is used to identify Network Devices & communication between these devices” IP Address is a logical numeric address that is assigned to every single computer, printer, switch, router or any other device that is part of a TCP/IP-based network. The IP address exists in every network, even only a pair […]

Command Prompt Hacks

Sometimes you are unable to open any website using browser then you can use CMD in order to open any webpage. In addition to that you can also obtain IP address and other details of any webpage through CMD. In the same way new time can be set through CMD.   Opening CMD In order […]

Command Prompt Tricks 

In this article we are going to discuss some tricks which are going to facilitate us for creating secured and hidden folder. 1. Creating secure folder using Command Prompt If you want to create a secure folder that cannot be moved, cut or copy and deleted then open command prompt in the folder where you […]

How to Use Command Prompt to a Kill Process

There are various tricks to kill a process on a computer. For example, click on cross of Windows Explorer, Use Task Manager and Command prompt. Sometime, a frozen program may not terminate if you attempt to kill it from Task Manager. In this case, we can use Command Prompt to kill process. Command Prompt is […]